Green and Healthy Rugby

The first year of our Green and Health Rugby project offered local residents the chance to get out and get active on our reserves, whilst learning new skills and meeting new people.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust partnered with Warwickshire Public health, to deliver 10 taster sessions across two reserves in Rugby, Swift Valley Nature Reserve and Cock Robin Wood. New volunteers were invited to come along and spend time with the Trust work parties who meet regularly to care for the reserves. Cock Robin Wood volunteers meet weekly and Swift Valley monthly.

Taster sessions were open to all and training and support was provided to encourage new members to spend more time outdoors.

Over the course of project 21 new volunteers have joined the Trust and been invited to give their feedback to collect data on their general health and wellbeing. This data can then be added to the growing body of evidence around the impacts of spending more time outdoors on both physical and mental health. One volunteer commented on how the project has helped him bit a bit more mindful of his own health and the reason he continues to volunteer, apart from the health benefits, are the new friends he’s made and our great choice in biscuits! Some new volunteers who initially joined one taster sessions are now a member of three different teams of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust volunteers, typically spending at least one day a week active and outdoors. Some volunteers have joined the work party ahead of, or following, retirement and enjoy the feeling of belonging to a new group and adopting a new routine. Others work part time and have fitted the sessions around work whilst learning new skills and meeting like-minded people.

The trust will continue to support, and work with, new volunteers over the coming months and we are thankful for the continued support from Warwickshire Public Health.

Green and Healthy Rugby runs another successful programme at Newbold Quarry nature reserve!

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“I enjoyed this morning, I just love being in the woods.” Cock Robin Wood Volunteer
“I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of the team and starting the week in the fresh air. I just feel better!” Cock Robin Wood Volunteer
“I feel great having done something active all morning and I enjoy doing it outside, regardless of the rain!” Swift Valley Volunteer.
“I’m looking forward to retirement even more when I can dedicate more time to this project. I’m keen to keep active once I retire and learn more about reserve management” Swift Valley Volunteer


A Green and Healthy Rugby project is funded by Warwickshire Public Health and supported by Rugby Council.

Funded by Warwickshire County Council

Supported by Rugby Borough Council