Gardening activities

Want the perfect wildlife garden? Download some of our activity sheets below.

Visit the Wildlife Watch website for lots more great things to do in the garden. Not that these are just activities to do with the kids - every garden can benefit from a bumblebee nest or a mini meadow. And even if you haven't got a garden you can still create a mini nature reserve! Other fantastic wildlife gardening resources can be found at or on the London Wildlife Trust website.



Click on the picture to download the activity sheet.



    Grow vegetables for wildlife





    How to make a nest box





    How to make a mini nature reserve





    How to make an insect hotel





    How to build a mini wildlife pond




    How to build wildlife hidey holes





    Grow your own mini meadow





    How to grow your own oak tree




    How to make your own compost





    How to make a butterfly feeder





    How to build a bumblebee nest





    How to make your own bird feeder




    Grow a bee and butterfly garden





    Make your own bat box





    How to make a hedgehog home





    Garden and Allotment Wildlife Calendar