Badger Vaccination Campaign

Badger - Copyright Jon Hawkins (WildNET)Badger - Copyright Jon Hawkins (WildNET)

Looking back at our badger vaccination programme.

The Trust undertook a badger vaccination programme, training essential staff and volunteers and equipping itself to enable the team to vaccinate. In 2013 the team vaccinated across 150 hectares of land and started to engage with reserve neighbours, proactively looking to take our vaccination into the wider landscape in helping landowners tackle this dreadful disease. The team looked at working with other key partners and stakeholders to promote vaccination as a viable tool in tackling bovine TB in badgers.

The success of the programme resulted from the involvement of some key individuals. The Trust made some links with the NFU and its members, aiming to help them understand what is involved in vaccination and how it can help in the fight against bovine TB. 

This is where your support was hugely important and the donations equipped the team to get us this far.

More information on badgers and bovine TB


Badger Vaccination at Snitterfield Bushes SSSI - September 2013