01. Welcome
Whitacre Heath SSSI
QR Trail

Hello and a warm welcome to Whitacre Heath SSSI nature reserve, owned and managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Thank-you for visiting this wonderfully diverse reserve and choosing to enhance your visit by following one of the self-guided family trails with your mobile device. Simply follow the interactive way-marker posts around Whitacre Heath for a fun and interesting way to discover the reserve and its rich selection of wildlife.

Ahead of you to the left are two self-guided trails, the shorter red There and Back Trail (approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour) which visits 1 bird hide, and the longer green Circular Trail (approximately 1 – 2 hours) which visits 4 hides. Why not try walking both trails to get a real feel for the diverse mosaic of habitat types that can be found here, including wet meadow, open water, reedbeds, scrub and woodland?

Both trails will lead you through the reserves mix of habitats and down towards the river Tame where you may spot some of the many birds that make the site such a special place for wildlife lovers. You can also try the fun activates and challenges at each of the 10 way-marker posts.

Did you know?

Whitacre Heath was used for sand and gravel extraction in the 1960s and then restored for agricultural use in later years. There are still signs of this former industrial past that are hidden around the reserve. Try to see if you can spot any of them…


Together, try counting how many steps it takes to get to the next way-marker post around the corner. Bet you can’t get there in less than 200 steps!

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