Recycling to raise funds

Recycle biscuit wrappers Credit Jo Hands

Jo Hands

Raise funds by recycling!

Raise money by recycling everything from biscuit wrappers and stamps to cars.

Biscuit wrappers

Don't send your used biscuit wrappers (sweet and savoury) to landfill! Recycle them and raise funds for us, so get munching and pop the wrappers into the post! Simply register on the Terracycle website, , choose Warwickshire Wildlife Trust as your charity and what you’d like to recycle and start collecting. When you have a collection of wrappers simply print off a freepost label, stick it onto your box of wrappers and take it to your post office. 

Terracycle have many other recycling schemes so why not give more a go!

Where do your used stamps go?

Did you know that they can be used to raise money for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust? Simply  post them directly to: Warwickshire Wildlife Trust,
PO Box 16992, Sutton Coldfield, B73 9YA.

They don’t just take stamps they can also turn postcards, bank notes, medals and jewellery into funds for us. These can be posted to: Freepost RSXA-GJBY-ARRZ, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Unit 14, Amber Business Village, Amber Close, Tamworth, B77 4RP.

You could take it a step further and have your own collection box at your workplace.  Recycling for Good Causes arrange free (minimum 10kg) collections so all your need to do is fill the box and give them a call when it needs emptying! To get your box simply contact Recycling for Good Causes at or call 0800 633 5323.   

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

Did you know that you can help us raise funds simply by recycling your ink cartridges via our Recycle4Charity programme? For each inkjet cartridge recycled via the programme we will receive a £1 donation, meaning you can help the environment whilst raising money for us!

To start, all you need to do is go to the address shown below and sign up for your free account. Register now at –


Do you own a vehicle that you want to dispose of? Giveacar organises car donation for good causes in the UK, including Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

They provide a free service throughout the UK. They can arrange the collection of the vehicle at no cost to you. Depending on its age and condition, they can either recycle it at a green facility, or send it to a salvage auction.

Scrap donations raise an average of £100 for the charity, with auction cars often raising much more. Since Giveacar was set up in 2010, the organisation has raised over £1,000,000 for over 1000 charities!

Arrange donation of a car to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust online or call 0207 736 4242, quoting Warwickshire Wildlife Trust as your chosen charity.