Coventry Water Vole Project

The Coventry Water Vole Project aims to improve Coventry’s waterways and riverside habitat for water voles.

The joint project between Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, the Sowe Valley Project and Coventry City Council is now in its fifth year, with additional funding in 2012 from the Environment Agency, and with invaluable support from the Canal and Rivers Trust and the Living Environment Trust.

Water voles are Britain's most severely threatened mammal. Numbers have declined by as much as 95% in Warwickshire in recent years. They are listed as one of the priority species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. The Coventry Water Vole Project has focussed on the control of the non-native and highly invasive plant Himalayan balsam, followed by replanting some riverside areas with native 'water vole friendly' wetland plants.

The project will engage and motivate local people of all ages to help preserve their valuable waterways and water vole populations. It will create habitat improvements to support the water vole population and benefit other species.

To find out more please contact;
 Tim Precious, Wetlands Projects Officer
 024 7630 2912