LNP and LBAP Conferences


In 2014 we presented the overall targets of the Revised LBAP Action Plans – hosted by Coombe Country Park, Coventry, and kindly supported by the Warwickshire County Council and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Examples of Landscape scale delivery:

  • Princethorpe Woodlands Living Landscape - restoration of woodlands and future plans: Chris Redstall, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
  • Coombe Country Park - restoration of acid grassland and parkland: Murray Hayden, Coventry City Council
  • Avon and Leam Catchment Plan delivery: Bob Slater, Campaign for Farmed Environment and Melissa Hoskings, Severn Rivers Trust
  • Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership Scheme - Vision for the future: Tim Haselden, Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership

Delivery of species recovery:

  • Farmland Bird project: Matt Willmott, Natural England advisor: update on progress and plans re Natural England funding
  • Developing Nature Improvement Areas in Warwickshire – Bigger, better and joined up Local Wildlife Sites and mapping: Chris Talbot, Habitat Biodiversity Audit Partnership

Presentations from the 2014 Conference are available to download here.

In 2010: we focussed on 'Warwickshire's Grasslands' - hosted by Bishop's Itchington Parish Council and kindly supported by Warwickshire County Council and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.


  • Environmental Stewardship – a key tool to deliver (local) action for biodiversity.
  • Matt Willmott, Natural England
  • The Small Blue Butterfly Cupido minimus: the implementation of a successful recovery plan. Mike Slater, Butterfly Conservation
  • The Dotted What? Steven Falk, Warwickshire Museum

Local action: Examples of Good Practice

  • St Peter’s Church Wellesbourne Wildlife Project, Heather Sims
  • The Yellow Land, Chris Redstall

Survey workshops on:

  • Phase 1 & 2 Habitat Surveys
  • Butterfly Transects
  • Wildflowers Count
  • OPAL
  • BTO Bird Surveys
  • National Bat Monitoring Programme

In 2009: we concentrated on 'Planning for Biodiversity' - hosted by Wolvey Parish Council and kindly supported by Warwickshire County Council and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.


  • Green Infrastructure Levies and the Dudley Experience
  • Alan Preece, Dudley MBC
  • The Consultants Perspective of Planning for Biodiversity
  • Richard Knightbridge, Entec

Local Action: Examples of Good Practice

  • Myton Pool (Mike Hardiman, Friends of Myton Pool)
  • Studley Wildlife Site (Bill McCarthy, Studley Parish Council)
  • Wolvey Wetlands (Margaret Cartwright, Wolvey Parish Council)

Visits to sites of wildlife interest around Wolvey
The churchyard and community wetland
Wildflower meadow

Workshops on:

  • Landscapes for Living and LBAP Habitat Opportunity Mapping
  • Impact and Control of Invasive Species

In 2008: we considered the importance of 'Taking Local Action for Biodiversity' - hosted by Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, by kind permission of Lord and Lady Hertford and kindly supported by Warwickshire County Council and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.


  • What Local Authorities may consider doing to raise awareness of biodiversity and the NERC Act 2006 and promote community action.
  • Paul Cobbing, Chair of the England Biodiversity Group Local and Regional Strategic Implementation Group
  • Coventry’s Green Infrastructure Programme, Ian Dudley, Senior Environmental Consultant for Lockhart-Garratt

Local Action: Examples of Good Practice

  • Stretton-on-Fosse Parish Biodiversity Group – Dave Passingham
  • Leek Wootton Parish Biodiversity Group – Charles Stubbs
  • Urban Grassland project – Michelle Osbourn (WWT)
  • Access Issues - Geoff Treadwell (WCC)

Workshops on:

  • Focus 2008 LBAP programme
  • Local action to support Focus 2008
  • Local action for biodiversity at the landscape scale

A tour of the grounds of Ragley Hall, led by Steven Falk, Senior Keeper of Natural History at the Warwickshire Museum and leader of Warwickshire’s ‘Big Tree Hunt’.

In 2007: we discussed 'Climate Change: Adaptation and Biodiversity' - hosted by BMW, Coventry, and kindly supported by Warwickshire County Council and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.


  • An overview of the problem for biodiversity and how linking habitats can help, Andy Tasker, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
  • Conserving biodiversity in a changing climate, Jeff Edwards, West Midlands Biodiversity Partnership
  • How the climate in Warwickshire will change and what the WCCP plans to do, Gillian Rutledge, Warwickshire Climate Change Partnership
  • Observations of climate change in Warwickshire, Steven Falk, Warwickshire Museum
  • A pro-active landscape-scale approach, Julie Fay, Environment Agency

In 2006 we responded to the Minerals Development Framework Core Strategy 'Issues and Options' - hosted by Warwickshire County Council 

For more information please contact

Gina Rowe, LNP Secretariat and Head of Living Landscapes (Projects).
t: 024 7630 8976
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