Volunteer Resources

Hands On: The Volunteers E-Newsletter

Hands on contains the latest information for volunteers on Trust projects, reserve updates, staff changes, volunteering events, supporter group news, latest vacancies and volunteer stories. If you volunteer for us you'll receive it by e-mail. 

Volunteer Handbook

For everything you need to know as an existing volunteer see the Volunteer Handbook; includes information on roles and responsibilities, organisational structure, policies and procedures and much more. You can e-mail us or phone us if you would like a hard copy. 

Volunteer Timesheet

Please help us to promote recognition of the amazing contribution you make to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust by completing this volunteer timesheet.

Resources for work party leaders

The sites we work on and the activities we undertake potentially pose health and safety risks to our staff and volunteers.

The Trust has a responsibility to help volunteers understand and access our Health and Safety policy and guidance but volunteers are also responsible for acting within it. Please use this form to record your work party's volunteer hours.

Please click on the links below to view the risk assessments and take time to read the document(s) which are relevant to you. All up-to-date versions were added in June 2016. 

If you would like to discuss anything further please contact us on 024 7630 2912.

People and site risk assessments

Equipment risk assessments

Practical Activities risk assessments

Accident Incident report form

Please note: The risk assessments available here have been written and produced for the sole use of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers on Trust activities only. No responsibly or liability will be accepted for any accidents or claims resulting from individuals or organisations external to the Trust copying these documents.