Show the Love this Valentine's day!

Wednesday 14th February 2018

This Valentine’s Day show your love for nature too! Be part of an annual celebration of all that we love in our natural world.

Wear a green heart on 14th February to show what you want to protect from climate change. The idea is that wearing a green heart is a good way to start conversations about climate change and how it’s affecting the things we love, but that we can do something about it, if lots of us show we care.


Find out more on the Climate Coalition's website

Focus on our feathered friends

National nest box week also begins on Valentine’s Day! With birds having mating on their minds it’s the perfect time to put up nest boxes ready for spring.

Why not put up a variety of boxes to suit different birds? A small nest box with a hole will be popular with a wide range of garden birds like house sparrows, blue tits and coal tits. Starlings like to use nest boxes too but need a larger entrance hole of around 45mm. Robins prefer an open-fronted box and if you’d like to attract swifts you’ll need a special nest box with an oval-shaped hole placed as high up as possible on a building!

It’s important to put your nest boxes in the right spot – those for tits, sparrows or starlings are best two to four metres up a tree or a wall. Unless the box is shaded by other trees or buildings face it between north and east. This will protect it from blazing sunshine and the prevailing wind. Finally check birds can easily fly into the box with nothing in their way, then wait for your first guests to move in.

You could even make your own! Download an activity sheet if you’re feeling creative

Find out more about National Nest Box Week!