Alcester Community Orchard

One of the successful projects delivered in the Stratford District was completion of a new Community Orchard in Alcester on the Conway Fields. The project was developed over some time and was successful in securing funding of over £11,000 from the Warwickshire County Council Stratford Development Fund and Orbit Heart of England Community Investment Fund. The project was a partnership between the Trust and Alcester Town Council and delivered activities and workshops for the local community which encouraged people to explore their local area and the wildlife it holds.

The project planted 45 mixed fruit trees with some traditional varieties like the Wyken Pippin and Warwickshire Drooper and included a new path with a quiet seating area in the centre for relaxing in and of course to access the fruit to pick in the future. The area was also planted up with wildflower seeds and a new picnic area was opened up for families to enjoy.

Orchards have a significant ecological value - the spring blossom provides food for insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies and this can be a benefit to the surrounding area as it will encourage more pollinators into that area.

The buds and fruit can be important for birds such as bullfinches, fieldfares and redwings. Orchards also provide an important habitat for insect eating birds and are also an important local habitat for mistletoe. Over the next few years the orchard will grow and there with be a variety of fruit for local people to enjoy and the Community Orchard will go from strength to strength as it develops and grows.