Earlswood Wildlife Partnership

In 2010, the Earlswood Wildlife Partnership was established to increase biodiversity and benefit wildlife and the residents of Earlswood and surrounding areas.

The partnership comprises Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Canal and River Trust (formerly British Waterways) and local residents. Earlswood contains two of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves, Earlswood Moathouse (leased from the National Trust) and Clowes Wood, which is an SSSI, as well as Earlswood Lakes which belong to the Canal and River Trust.

The Partnership carried out a moths and bats night as well as some guided walks in the area to boost the interest from local people, and after those successful events, a list of “Things To Do” was created. This included an installation of bat boxes, since the area was a highly active site for Soprano Pipistrelles, Common Pipistrelles, Daubenton’s, and also the possible stopping point for Nathusius' Pipistrelles.

In January 2011, the Partnership was delighted to receive an award of £13,808 from the Nineveh Charitable Trust to purchase survey equipment such as moth traps, butterfly nets, identification guides, bat boxes and bat detectors, materials to construct a tern raft for one of the lakes, as well as funding to enable Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to carry out a number of workshops for local people.

View the downloadable report for more details of the project


 Ron Hill, Chair of Earlswood Wildlife Partnership.

 Gina Rowe, Chair of LBAP, Head of Living Landscapes (Projects), Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.
 024 7630 8976


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