How to help wildlife

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Theres tonnes of handy advice on this page, for how you can help wildlife in your area, and tips for spotting them as well! 

Wildlife gardening

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Fun activity sheets

Get involved with your local Trust

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How to spot wildlife

Winter bird spotting sheet

Enhancing Biodiversity
where you live


Enhancing biodiversity where you live



Helping wildlife in your garden

Go wild in your garden! Large or small, ledge or yard, your garden can help wildlife to thrive. There are estimated to be over 15 million gardens in the UK so you can see why gardens are such vitally important habitats. Taking small steps to make gardens more open to wildlife can make a big difference. 

Take a look at our activity sheets below for easy-to-follow guides to get you started. Here's some more really useful webpages and booklets that can help you to 're-wild' your garden: 

You might be surprised to know that one of the best things you can do for wildlife is to build a pond (without fish!). There's an activity sheet below showing an easy guide to creating your own. Perhaps you can make a pledge to create one in 2017?

Quick tips:

  • Leave an area of your garden for wildlife - plant wildflowers and don't mow. Wildlife will thank you!
  • Always check long, grassy areas before strimming or mowing in case hedgehogs or other wildlife are hiding
  • Never put out milk or fish-based food for hedgehogs - only leave fresh water and meat-based cat or dog food
  • If you find an injured/unwell bat call the Bat Helpline - 0345 1300 228
  • If you find an injured/unwell hedgehog call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society - 01584 890 801
  • Not sure what to do if you find a baby bird? Often the answer is nothing! This helpful flowchart from Sussex Wildlife Trust will point in you in the right direction

Family-friendly activity sheets

Wildlife Watch is our junior branch, which has more than 150,000 members. 

These easy to follow activity sheets show you how to directly help wildlife in your area! Click on the picture to download a full-sized sheet. Not quite what you're looking for? We've got even more activity sheets here!

Make a hedgehog highway

Create a wildlife pond

Make a mini meadow

Build a nest box

Make a hedgehog home

Make a bird feeder

Make a Christmas wreath

Make an insect hotel

Build  a bat box

Get involved with your local Wildlife Trust!

There are 47 Wildlife Trusts spread across the UK, all working to protect and restore habitats in their area. 

Not only do they work hard to manage nature reserves across their county, they also run events, engage with school children, offer advice, provide volunteering opportunities and lots more. 

Joining as a member means you'll be making a real difference to wildlife in your county. There's lots of other ways you can help as well - volunteering, adopting a species or supporting a campaign are just a few.

Get involved! Find your local Wildlife Trust

How to spot wildlife

If you've ever wondered what bird you've just spotted in the garden is, then our Wildlife Watch spotting sheets are perfect for you! A selection of those that might be most useful can be downloaded below, you can find even more here

Woodland winter wildlife

Festive wildlife 

Winter nuts & berries

Fantastic fungi

Winter birds

Nature treasure hunt

Winter garden wildlife

Spring flowers

Signs of spring


Enhancing biodiversity

These ten-point plans provide a wealth of ideas on how you can improve the environment around you for wildlife and people.

Built Environment