Marketing and Social Media Volunteer

Emma Richmond, Marketing and Social Media Volunteer


Emma Richmond, Marketing and Social Media VolunteerMy volunteering experience began as a student looking for some experience in marketing. Fond childhood memories of Brandon Marsh, along with the intense competition that there can be for formal work experience programmes, made me think of the Wildlife Trust and I haven’t looked back. Two days of volunteering a week rapidly turned into spending the rest of my summer here, followed by balancing volunteer days with university and now, since graduating, I’m here pretty much all the time.

The last 9 months of volunteering have been varied to say the least, and that’s probably why I love it so much. From the day to day looking after the social media to the baptism of fire that was my second ever day spent dancing around Stratford in a hedgehog suit, there’s no room to get bored. I’ve also been out birdringing with the Brandon birdringers, been to set up hedgehog survey tunnels, and visited hedgehog rescue centres. The staff are brilliant at making you feel right at home and giving you genuine opportunities to learn. As an English Literature graduate I was without doubt coming into a new environment but aside from the vast amount that I’ve learned about wildlife conservation, working within the marketing team has taught me to use Photoshop, InDesign, to develop the website, and a whole raft of other skills that will be invaluable as my career progresses.

The decision to volunteer here is easily one of the best that I’ve made in a long time, and I’ve made some fantastic friends in the process. Whether you’ve reached the end of your career or you’re just starting out like me there’s something for everyone. Hopefully what I do shows the range of opportunities available; even if you don’t quite fancy those rainy days on Nature Force there are still so many amazing things that you can do for nature.


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