Local Nature Partnership

Warwickshire Coventry and Solihull Local Nature Partnership (LNP) was approved by Government in July 2012.

The LNP purposes are:

  • Drive positive change in the local natural environment, taking a strategic view of the challenges and opportunities involved
  • Contribute to achieving the Government’s national environmental objectives locally
  • Become local champions influencing decision-making relating to the natural environment and its value to social and economic outcomes 

Strategic Vision

The vision of the Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull Local Nature Partnership is:

  1. The natural and historic environment will be in a vibrant and healthy condition such that the economy, people and local communities derive significant benefits from the full range of goods and services that it provides and sustains.
  2. Key decision-makers and influencers will engage in and champion the need to actively integrate enhancement of the natural environment with economic growth. 
  3. The loss of biodiversity in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull will have been halted and reversed. Key habitats will have been restored, enhanced and connected at a landscape scale.
  4. Local people will value and feel connected to their local environment.


Click here to view the presentations given at the LNP and LBAP Conference 2015.

A Shadow Board of the LNP was established in October 2012, and the full Board started in January 2013. 

Agendas and minutes from meetings are available below.

The Strategic Vision was approved in October 2013 and The Governance and structure of the LNP are available below.

2016 LNP Conference: November 2016: Download the 2016 Conference Programme.

Gina Rowe, LNP Secretariat and Head of Living Landscapes (Projects).
t: 024 7630 8976
e: gina.rowe@wkwt.org.uk



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