Love Your River West Midlands

Love Your River West Midlands

Love Your River Coventry is a partnership project with the Environment Agency under their MURCI (Midlands Urban Rivers and Communities Initiative) programme.

The project was focused on raising awareness about how we can all minimise our impact on our local river or water course from how we wash our cars to how our toilets are plumbed in!

We created a very simple 10 Point Plan that you can use at home to help make sure you are doing your bit. You can also use the ConnectRight website and leaflet to make sure your house is plumbed into the right drains and you aren’t discharging waste straight into your local river.

As well as the 10 Point Plan we worked with schools, colleges, volunteers and local partners to raise their awareness of our day to day impact on our rivers and running practical sessions to improve our rivers too – taking out trolleys, bikes, bins, plasterboard and all manner of other potentially polluting items! You can read more about our efforts in our press release here.

We also produced a comprehensive report on the state of all of the brooks and rivers in Coventry to help guide future work to improve those water courses for wildlife. This report highlights some exciting projects the Trust is exploring in more detail with the Environment Agency to help reduce the impact of dirty surface water from some of the city’s roads.


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