Making a Will

You may choose to leave a gift to charity for many reasons - whether to carry on supporting a cause you are close to in life or perhaps you do not feel able to donate to a charity at the moment. Your reasons are personal but a decision to remember a charity in your Will could make a real difference, however large or small the gift.


Types of gifts:

There are different types of gifts that you can leave in your Will:

Residuary – a gift of all or part of the net estate (what is left after all taxes, specific bequests and costs or expenses have been paid), expressed as a share or percentage e.g. a tenth or 10%.

Pecuniary – a fixed sum of money e.g. £5,000. Inflation can reduce the value of a gift so if you do leave pecuniary bequests you may want to update your Will periodically.

Specific – a gift of a specific item or asset e.g. a painting, jewellery, or shares.

If you would like to leave us land or for us to use a gift in a particular way please contact us to ensure it is within our remit and that we are able to fulfil your wishes.

Bequests to a charity are free of inheritance tax and may reduce the amount of tax you pay. If you leave a gift to a charity in your will, its value will be deducted from your estate (your money, possessions and property) before Inheritance Tax is worked out.

We always recommend seeking professional advice when making or updating your Will and we advise you to consult a solicitor.

You are under no obligation to tell us if you do decide to leave us a gift, however we would be very grateful if you were to notify us of your intentions. Letting us know enables us to say thank you, plan ahead for the future and, if you wish, keep you up to date with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust news and events.

Our free booklet contains further information on types of gifts and what steps you will need to take should you decide to leave a gift to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust in your Will. To receive this booklet or to inform us of an existing bequest, please get in touch with Pip Bradley Vigor on 024 7630 2912, email or write to: Legacies, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Brandon Marsh Nature Centre, Brandon Lane, Coventry, CV3 3GW.