Stars back national nature challenge 30 Days Wild

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Credit Harry Sugden

Over 55,000 have signed up to take part already!

Stars are backing The Wildlife Trusts’ national nature challenge to do something ‘wild’ every day during June.

TV presenters Kate Humble and Gillian Burke and chart-topping James McVey from The Vamps have all put their weight behind the campaign to reconnect people with wildlife in a fun and inspirational way. Here in Warwickshire hundreds of people, schools and workplaces have signed up to 30 Days Wild which starts on Friday June 1st. Sign-ups are rising, and we hope to beat last year when an estimated 250,000 took part across the whole of the UK.

  • Kate Humble, TV presenter of wildlife, nature and science programmes says: “I have got a challenge, I want you – throughout the month of June – to go outside every day! That’s 30 whole days going outside. Why wouldn’t you? Just go wild in June!” 

Research shows taking part in 30 Days Wild improves health and happiness and encourages people to do something to help wildlife.

  • Gillian Burke, TV presenter, biologist and Springwatch presenter, is supporting 30 Days Wild. Will she dance in a downpour as one of her Random Act of Wildness? Gillian says: “Try 30 Random Acts of Wildness in 30 Days! I’d love people to connect with the wildlife around them – I think lots of people don’t know how to do it… this is the perfect way to start and discover how you can make a difference. Where will your wild adventure take you? I might dance in a downpour!”

30 Days Wild encourages people to notice nature on their doorsteps every single day and gives them a multitude of exciting and fun ways of doing it.

  • James McVey, writer and guitarist in The Vamps says: “I’m supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ national challenge of spending 30 Days Wild – every day in June they are asking you guys to do something wild. Now – that could be going camping somewhere if you’ve never been camping, it could be doing an off-road trail, climbing a massive hill that you’ve always wanted to do but never done – but it could also be something as simple as recycling if you’ve never recycled before or buying a reusable water bottle.” 
  • Nick Baker, naturalist and television presenter says: “Ever since I was a small boy I’ve been fascinated by wildlife and the natural world. It’s so important for us all to have regular contact with nature – I know it makes me feel happier and healthier. Taking the 30 Days Wild challenge is a brilliant way to reconnect with your own wild side – so why not get out and go wild this June?”

30 Days Wild pack
Sign-up to 30 Days Wild and you’ll get a free pack with a booklet of inspirational ideas for Random Acts of Wildness, a recipe for wild strawberry and thyme ice cream, wildflower seeded paper to sow, a wall chart to record your activities and wild stickers. There are special packs for schools with outdoor lesson plans and giant Random Acts of Wildness cards. Workplaces can join in too, with tailored download packs to bring the ‘wild’ to work.

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