Nordic Walkers raise over £2000 for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Monday 22nd January 2018

Nordic Walkers in the Lake District

This amazing group raised a whopping £2,086! Hazel Jonas tells us more!...

‘Let’s Nordic walk Morecambe Bay and raise some money for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’, I announced early in 2017, with a glass of red wine balanced in my hand.

The enthusiastic responses ranged from ‘ok’ to ‘oh…’ and the odd silent stare; perhaps not the greatest start for our adventure but at least there were a few extra deal clinchers to be thrown into the mix. It would be sociable, it would be different, and it wouldn’t require months of arduous training; after all, how do you train for quick sands?

Our weekly Nordic walking sessions in Clowes Wood didn’t exactly prepare us for the eight miles of fast tides, quick sands, and draining rivers of Morecambe Bay, but by the time the allotted weekend came, more than twenty of us were willing to give it a go.

The first arduous task was to survive the Friday night M6 coach journey north; still, we got by with our glass of prosecco and nibbles. Saturday morning came, and we emerged for breakfast, decked in our bright ‘Nordic Bayer’ t-shirts. Alas, our enthusiasm wasn’t enough to counter this year’s atrocious weather. The crossing was cancelled by the Queen’s Guide to the Sands, Cedric Robinson, due to extreme safety concerns.

Plan B then came into play; a very soggy Nordic walk in the Lake District with a recce in a slate mine before returning to the hotel with sufficient time to emerge swan-like for a fantastic evening meal in a lovely Lancastrian village. I may not have fulfilled the promise of waist-deep waters and quicksand-dodging but we weren’t going to lose points on the sociability factor. With a coach at our disposal for the whole weekend, we could chill out, chat, and not worry about drinking one tonic water too many. Sunday saw us Nordic walking the beautiful area of Arnside where we did finally get the chance to touch the sands before departing south again.

So, 2018 leaves us with unfinished business! Morecambe Bay Mark II beckons. If you would like to be part of our next adventure, please get in touch with me, Hazel Jonas, for further details.

Please send your name and contact details to and we will pass them on to Hazel.

We cannot thank these dedicated supporters enough and, in particular, Hazel Jonas for organising it all. 


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