Survey Volunteer

Katrina Wells, Survey Volunteer


Katrina Wells, Survey VolunteerKatrina Wells has been volunteering for the Trust for only 3 months, but is already one of the most reliable volunteers. Always willing to go out on a wet Friday afternoon, and coming all the way from beyond Stratford, the staff are always grateful for her commitment and hard work. She is largely involved with the Princethorpe Woodlands Living Landscapes project, surveying hedgerows and woodland, and assisting in practical work, although she has been involved with other groups and projects within the Trust. The quality of her surveys led to Kat being asked to co-lead Survey Force one week, and she has taught the group how to set up a malaise trap, which catches insects such as flies, bees and wasps. Despite slightly embarrassing situations such as being sent to the shops for a bottle of vodka at 10 in the morning (for valid scientific purposes!) Kat still hopes to get a job in conservation. Her work has been vital in driving the Princethorpe Woodlands project forward, and although staff would quite like her to stick around forever, they’re convinced that she’ll be offered a job in no time. 


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