Brandon Marsh Youth Club

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust would like to open its doors to a unique new youth club for 11 - 19 year olds at the amazing Brandon Marsh Nature Centre.

Brandon Marsh is a 200 acre nature reserve on the edge of Coventry and head office of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Facilities include a classroom, covered courtyard and best of all loads and loads of nature space to roam and explore.

We want to run a youth club for 11 - 19 year olds with a focus on outdoor adventure, in fact, we want the club to run outside every week. There is so much stuff that we can offer but we are more interested in your ideas, so please take some time to fill out the short questionnaire below. To give a taste of what you could expect here are some ideas we've already been working on:

  • bushcraft and survival skills with a trained instructor
  • deisgn and construct your very own outdoor youth club area
  • cooking on our clay pizza oven and campfire
  • opportunity to see loads of amazing wildlife and meet the experts

Fill out the quick questionnaire here!

If you are interested in this idea and would be interested in joining the Youth Steering Group, members of which will be helping to develop ideas and get the club off the ground, then please get in touch!

For more info contact Matt Cox at or 024 7630 8995.