Coventry Foyer Youth Wellbeing Project

A project launching in January 2015 with the Coventry Foyer which will be focussed on relieving challenging behaviour through outdoor activity.

In January 2015 Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is delivering a youth wellbeing project in partnership with Coventry Foyer who offer sheltered accommodation to homeless teens. Staff at the Foyer have been concerned that their residents do not receive any support in accessing urban or rural green spaces and rarely even leave the building except to make trips into the city. Many of the young people living at the Foyer struggle in maintaining their mental wellbeing, may frequently display uncontrolled behaviour and do not benefit from regular exercise.

The Coventry City Council Wellbeing fund has approved a project to begin introducing young people to the benefits of using natural spaces as places to relax, recharge and revaluate. A programme of activities over a six month period will first engage participants in using the outdoor spaces surrounding their building and eventually lead on to more adventurous journeys to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves in and around Coventry.

Activities will range from arts and crafts, to woodwork and bushcraft skills. Focusing on nature as a backdrop for these activities will be key to helping the participants to learn the benefit of the outdoors to their personal health and happiness. During the programme young people will be taking part in a wellbeing study to track their progress over the course of the project and to measure what longer term impacts their participation will have in dealing positively with life.

For more information about this project please contact Matt Cox (Youth Engagement Officer) by email or on 024 7630 2912.