Really Wild Party Themes

You can choose from a number of party themes.



Pond Parties (April-October only)

Party at the Pond
Party at the Pond is recommended for 6+ but with some flexibility. A standard pond dipping session with dipping nets, sample trays and ID charts.

Myths and mysteries
Myths and Mysteries is recommended for 6+ but with some flexibility. Discover creatures unknown as you explore the hidden watery world and look for hidden species - what will the strange creatures transform into?

Den Parties (All year round)

Shipwrecked is recommended for 6+ but with some flexibility. You have been shipwrecked on a desert island, can you survive the night?

Survival is recommended for 6+ but with some flexibility. Your mission has been cut short, you need to make camp and stay well hidden from predators.

Myths and Mystery
Myths and Mystery is recommended for 6+ but with some flexibility. Join the elves, fairies and goblins and see who is hiding in the magical woodland and make a secret den.

Mini-beast Parties

Minibeast Mission (April to October only)
Minibeast Mission is suitable for all ages. Be an explorer and join us on an adventure to discover creatures great and small.

Nature's Fairies (May- August only)
Nature’s Fairies is suitable for all ages. Discover the fairies of the natural world that live on our reserve and follow our magical trail.

Other parties available all year round

Dinosaur Discovery
Dinosaur Discovery is suitable for all ages. Strange sounds have been heard, follow the picture trail and discover the creatures that roamed the earth.

Magical Tea Party
Magical Tea Party is suitable for all ages. Help our Fairies with a very important job, mix up some magic potions and make your own fairy-tale mouse.

Lets Get Arty
Go on a nature hunt around the reserve, make a leaf crown as you become king or queen of the woods and then have a go oat some natural collage artwork.

Hedgehog Party
Learn all about these Prickly Mammals, make a special home for our friends, play some fun games and see how you can help them. 

Rocking Robins
A perfect party for birthday all year round, build our feathered friends a nest, have a go at bird watching and make your own bird feeder. 

Teddy Bears Picnic

Bring your bear along, or borrow one of ours to build them a cosy, safe house, mix them up some woodland porridge and play some fun games. 

Winter Wonderland 

Have a wild Birthday, even when the weather is chilly. Set off on a wintery walk, build a home for hibernating animals and play lots of games in the fresh winter air. 


Really Wild Parties are led by a member of our Education Team.
You are responsible for the care and supervision of children at all times.
You must provide no fewer than 1 adult supervisor to 8 children ( over 4 years) and 1 adult to 4 children for under 4's. 
Children must be suitably clothed for outdoor activities.