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Crackley Woods

Ancient woodland with a wide range of wildlife

This is a popular Local Nature Reserve, with woodland for strolling through and a network of shady paths and grassy, open glades. 

Have fun while exploring our reserve - try our brass rubbing trail!
There are 8 posts to look out for with a different brass rubbing disc on each. The first one has a QR code on it to scan. The trail starts near the south car park, so please be aware of this if you park in the north car park. 


Done a brass rubbing on our trail? Please tweet or Facebook us with a picture! 


Years ago this wood was coppiced but this was abandoned during the last century and sweet chestnut, sycamores and conifers were introduced. There are lots of grand oak trees and silver birch plus some ash and beech alongside. 


Visit in May to enjoy the spectacular blanket of bluebells dotted with delicate wood anemone, yellow pimpernel and common dog-violet. The soils here are acidic, sandy and clay which suits wood sage, foxglove and bracken. In the damper corners you'll spot golden-saxifrage.


On your Autumn visit you'll walk under a canopy of vibrant autumn colour but look down too and spot fungi like tawny grisette, dog stinkhorn and beefsteak fungus.


If you're an invertebrates expert you'll be interested to hear that rare and nationally uncommon invertebrates such as one species of sawfly and three notable hoverfly species have been recorded here. 



Thanks to Warwick District Council for funding the brass rubbing trail here. If you enjoyed it try the trails at Kenilworth Common and Oakley Wood





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Reserve information

Just north of Kenilworth, in Crackley Lane just off A429
Map reference
SP 290 737
Great for...
ancient trees
spring flowers
Best time to visit
Mar - Nov
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Public transport
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Opening Times
Open at all times
13.90 hectares

There is a flat, circular path round the reserve
Walking information
Splendid strolls through a network of shady paths and grassy, open glades.
Car parking at several points on Crackley Lane
Dogs allowed
Grazing animals
Reserve manager
Karl Curtis
Tel: 02476 302912 from reserve pages