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Hampton Wood & Meadow

An ancient woodland and meadow lying along the River Avon

What's it like to visit?

Boasting a beautiful carpet of wild flowers in spring, the reserve is deservedly famous for its spectacular primroses, which mingle with a medley of bluebells, wood anemone and lesser celandine. Red campion and foxglove thrive alongside ground-ivy and yellow archangel, with the grassy rides offering barren strawberry, violets and bugle.


What might you spot? 
Damp-loving hard shield-fern and liverworts appear along the stream’s banks with hart’s-tongue in the gully, and rare lichens grow on some trees. Over 200 species of fungi emerge here, from morels to giant puffball and shaggy parasol.

Twenty-eight butterfly species live in these woods including white-letter and purple hair streaks, white admiral and holly blue. Over 500 species of beetle have been discovered and the woods are abundant with dragonflies and damselflies.

Birds are numerous with over 30 species recorded during the early summer months. Spring welcomes many warblers and woodcock over winters here. Kingfishers are regularly seen at this site as they dart into the Avon for fish.

The flood meadow has many wetland and marsh plants including hemlock, creeping buttercup and meadowsweet, and plays home to a colony of breeding toads.

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Reserve information

1.5km south of Barford, about halfway along Fulbrook Lane between Sherbourne and Hampton Lucy
CV35 8AS
Map reference
SP 254 600
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Open to Members only
12.30 hectares

There are well defined paths around this reserve but the area can become wet in poor conditions.
Walking information
Well defined informal paths, the flood meadow becomes wet during winter months and paths within the woodland become muddy
Car park at reserve entrance, please do not park on the road. Parking for Members only.
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Reserve manager
Karl Curtis
Tel: 02476 302912 from reserve pages