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Henley Sidings

A railway embankment with some notable plant species

This reserve contains 500m of railway embankment with grassland and scrub. Notable plants species here include cowslip, agrimony and purging flax.


Deposited on underlying Arden sandstone, this calcareous soil supports a galaxy of wild flowers including woolly thistle, fairy flax and lady’s bedstraw. More neutral areas hold cowslip, wild carrot and oxeye daisy. You may spot some of the high number of rabbits. 

Twenty species of butterfly have been recorded here, including marbled white and clouded yellow. Day-flying moths such as latticed heath and the narrow-bordered five-spot burnet provide further variety. Around 200 species of beetle have also been recorded.

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0.5km north of Henley in Arden, in Johnson Place off the A3400
B95 5AE
Map reference
SP 147 667
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1.40 hectares

Reserve is prone to water logging.
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Prone to waterlogging, soft in patches
Parking available in Henley. Please do not block the gateway.
Dogs allowed
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Reserve manager
Karl Curtis
Tel: 02476 302912 from reserve pages