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Hunningham Meadow

A hay meadow with wildlife-rich hedgerows

This reserve in the village of Hunningham contains an area of grassland managed as a hay meadow. It has some mature hedges and has been used for grazing horses. Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers have been busy laying hedges here, restoring them where they used to be. 


What's it like to visit? 

Sheep sometimes graze the reserve over the winter months to aid its conservation, and there is a resident population of rabbits.


What might you spot?

Typical wildflowers include cow parsley and buttercup. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust volunteers planted many fruit trees in 2013 including the Warwickshire Drooper plum. This is an attractive heavy cropping tree with a weeping habit and has a long history with the county. 


The hedges have been planted up with native trees and shrubs such as Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Field maple, Spindle and Common Buckthorn which attracts butterflies. 





Species and habitats

Cow Parsley, Hawthorn, Spindle, Blackthorn

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Reserve information

Situated within the village of Hunningham
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Best time to visit
Apr - Jul
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Opening Times
Open at all times
1.20 hectares

There are numerous paths around this reserve, some are easier to access than others. Contact the Trust for more information.
Walking information
Flat in parts, muddy in winter, various entrance gates, numerous paths
Parking available along northern boundary
Dogs allowed
Reserve manager
Karl Curtis
Tel: 02476 302912 from reserve pages