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Rough Hill Wood

Ancient woodland on a hillside

This reserve contains ancient woodland on a hillside. It is predominantly oak with more diversity of wildflowers on the lower slopes. Coppicing has been reintroduced to the wood and there is a small area of heathland.


Dominating the hillside along ‘the Slough’, this splendid woodland reserve is teeming with diversity, its mixed geology giving rise to distinct woodland types. Although sessile oak is prevalent, the wood also offers birch, rowan, aspen and smallleaved lime. Even its cousin the large-leaved lime can be found. An understorey of hazel and midland hawthorn competes with holly and wild privet.


Bluebell, wood anemone and primrose celebrate spring and provide a blanket of vibrant colour to the dappled woodland floor. Uncommon bilberry, heather, broad-leavedhelleborine and betony also grace these woods with their presence.

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Reserve information

Just north west of Studley, near Redditch
B80 7EN
Map reference
SP 052 637
Great for...
ancient trees
Best time to visit
Apr - Aug
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Open at all times
21.00 hectares
The terrain around the reserve is steep and muddy in areas. Contact the Trust for more information.
Walking information
Steep slopes, wet and muddy patches in winter
Park at entrance on the A448
Dogs allowed
Grazing animals
Reserve manager
Karl Curtis
Tel: 02476 302912 from reserve pages