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Tasker's Meadow

A valuable grassland with lots of summer orchids and butterflies to spot

Tasker's Meadow lies between the Grand Union canal and our Stockton Cutting reserve. This is a rare habitat for Warwickshire and is well known for a number of rare species.

We named it in honour of Dr Andy Tasker, our former Chief Executive who sadly died in 2012 - in recognition of the major contribution he made to nature conservation during his 30 years with the Trust. 

Amazingly Tasker's Meadow has five species of orchid including the largest population of greater butterfly orchid (Plantanthera chlorantha) in Warwickshire. Other species include large numbers of bee orchid, common spotted orchid, twayblade and pyramidal orchid.

The meadow also contains four of Warwickshire’s six nationally rare farmland butterflies. Three of these, the grizzled skipper, dingy skipper and white-letter hairstreak are nationally designated as biodiversity priority species. 

One corner of the field is lower than the adjacent Grand Union canal and has developed into a wet grassland / dry reed bed adding interest to the reserve.


What's it like to visit?

The main path leads from the entrance gate across the meadow which leads to Stockton Cutting. In spring and summer you will be wowed by the wildflowers and get up close to spot the orchids. 


What is there to do?

Species and habitats

Grassland, Meadow

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1 km north of Stockton
CV23 8HQ
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Great for...
Insect spotting
spring flowers
Best time to visit
Apr - Aug
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Open at all times
5.50 hectares

The reserve is generally flat and accessible for most. Areas of Stockton Cutting are steep.
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Can be muddy in winter.
There is some parking off Calias Lane, off the A426, on the opposite side of the road to the main gate.
Dogs under effective control
Grazing animals
Cattle likely from end Jul - Oct
Reserve manager
Karl Curtis
Tel: 02476302912