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Ufton Fields

Ufton Fields offers a great variety of habitats to explore with ponds and two birdwatching hides.

History of the reserve

Ufton Fields was quarried for limestone in the 1950s and waves of low spoil heaps were dumped forming a series of ridges. Pools have developed in the troughs inbetween and larger pools in the old quarry pits. Fast-growing, non-native trees were planted but most of the site was left to recolonise naturally.


Common reed, bullrush and greater pondsedge now grow around the edges of the larger pool There are plenty of flowers in the wetland. 


Invertebrates prosper at Ufton Fields and are the main reason it has SSSI status There are around 40 species with some nationally scarce ones. There are over twenty butterfly species, including marbled white and many species of dragonfly and damselfly. 


What's it like to visit?

Water life is abundant, with caddisfly larvae, leeches and water-scorpions all living in the pools. Common toads breed here, producing lots of toadlets in late spring. Smooth and great crested newts have been found in the pools and you may spot a grass snake.


There are plenty of different birds, with flocks of tits and finches along with migrant warblers and spotted flycatcher. Scrub offers cover for turtle dove and winter thrushes. Alder attracts siskin, and goldcrests can be viewed amongst the conifers.


Little grebe and teal occupy the pools, with perhaps a common sandpiper feeding at the pool margins. Buzzard, kestrel and sparrowhawk hunt the reserve, whilst green woodpeckers search the grassland for ants. 


Enjoy a video of otters at Ufton Fields kindly shared by Rachel Hall!




Rabbit, grey squirrel, muntjac and red fox all make a living here, with small rodents and shrews abundant in the longer grass. Several species of bat can be easily viewed on summer evenings as they feed over the grassland and dark waters of the pools.


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0.5km south of Ufton village
CV33 9PU
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SP 378 615
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Apr - Aug
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31.80 hectares

Public footpaths around the reserve can be easily accessed by all.
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Wheelchair and buggy access, access for all paths
Small car park off Ufton Fields Lane. Please note the barrier height is 2.1m.
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Some years cattle will be grazing in Snipe Meadow.
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Karl Curtis
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