Sowe Valley Project

The Sowe Valley Project worked to engage with people living along the Sowe Valley in east Coventry, encouraging local communities to enjoy and get involved with enhancing this wonderful haven for wildlife – a living landscape on their doorsteps.


Mute Swans

The 8 ½ mile valley includes three Warwickshire Wildlife Trust managed Local Nature Reserves - Wyken Slough LNR, Stoke Floods LNR, Stonebridge Meadows LNR.

The Project worked with local residents along the valley since launching in October 2009 and in 2010 set up the ‘Sowe Valley Volunteers’ who went out at least 4 times a month to improve sites along the valley. Their activities included footpath clearance, native bankside planting, river clean ups, habitat creation, removing invasive species and supporting work to encourage native species to return including working in partnership with the Coventry Water Vole Project.

The Project also helped to establish the ‘Friends of Sowe Valley’, a proactive committee of residents from along the valley who are working to promote the valley whilst protecting it for future generations. The Friends of Sowe Valley are continuing to run the Sowe Valley Volunteer days now the funding for the Sowe Valley Project has ended. They can be contacted at

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Soew Valley Volunteers

As well as supporting volunteers to look after the valley and improve it for both people and wildlife the Sowe Valley Project also promoted the use of the valley by Coventry residents through guided walks, children’s activities, schools engagement and arts projects, encouraging people to enjoy all the valley has to offer. The Sowe Valley Footpath runs the length of the valley making it easy to explore on foot, you can download the Sowe Valley Footpath Leaflet (see downloads below).









Sowe Valley Project Learning Papers

The Sowe Valley Project produced a series of learning papers documenting the projects experiences, successes and key learning. Two of those papers can be found here: Benefits to wildlife and biodiversity and Benefits to people, communities and partners. Both papers have been produced to include specific examples and case studies to show how an urban Living Landscapes project like the Sowe Valley can create positive and long lasting changes.

Download the People, Communities and Partners Learning Paper.
Download the Wildlife and Biodiversity Learning Paper.



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