What to Expect

We will help you get started
The first thing we will do is to try and find the best placement available for you, depending on your interests, skills, abilities and the time you have available.

Once we find the right placement we’ll give you a proper welcome and induction to the Trust, tell you about what we do in more detail and show you where your role fits in. There will be a form to fill in so we know how to contact you and a couple of other things - but this is nothing to worry about.

We are trying to do our best to prevent the cost of travelling to your voluntary placement stopping you from getting involved - so please talk to us if money is a problem.


We’ll give ongoing support and training
Some roles are supervised at all times - such as our Nature Force practical days out on nature reserves. Other tasks will need less direct support, but you will always have a staff member who is responsible for you and there to help. Some roles do require specific skills or experience but most allow you to learn as you go along, after receiving appropriate on-the-job training and guidance from a staff member or experienced volunteer.


We will ensure it’s a safe, fair and positive place to volunteer
Above all we will provide you with a safe, healthy work place. Any equipment you need will be provided, including uniform, gloves or other clothing. We’ll show you and others how to do things properly and safely. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust provides insurance cover for all volunteers up to the age of 80, responsible adults should accompany children under 16. The Trust prides itself on being open, fair and welcoming; whatever your background we think there is a place next to nature for you to take part, learn and enjoy - so get involved!


We’ve got it covered
If you have any other questions about health and safety, ours and your responsibilities, how we work, who we work with, or anything else please just ask - we probably have the answer to hand or we’ll do our best to find out.


To get a better idea of what it's like to volunteer, have a read of our volunteer profiles.