Oral History: Memories of Bubbenhall Wood

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Share your Memories of Bubbenhall Wood and Meadow!

Bubbenhall Wood, our newest nature reserve, opened in Summer 2016 and we'd love to know more about its heritage. 

As part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project and due to the site's interesting history we are carrying out an oral history project to capture people’s memories of the area. The invaluable information captured will feed into our new site interpretation and ensure that future generations can learn more about this important and interesting reserve.

Your memories...

Do you have memories of the reserve or have photos you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.

We hope to interview people with different experiences of Bubbenhall from local residents to quarry workers and geologists. We're hoping to have both men and women involved, who have experienced Bubbenhall at different periods of time.

The project will record people’s thoughts, feelings and memories of the land before, during and after it was quarried plus the geological finds and people’s memories of the wood, and its wildlife.  

Quotes from local people

"It was all very wild and wonderful”.

"My memories? ...a local gamekeeper who was brilliant with birds, carol singing down pagets lane, picking primroses to decorate the church on Easter Sunday, went into the wood and was chased by village boys with adders on sticks! The wood was more open with less scrub. Used to explore the woods in and around Bubbenhall, two friends together, one on a pony and the other on a pushbike!" 

"Great fun exploring and being off as children. Loved it! Keen on bird watching and a friend who was keen on wildflowers, so used to swap information."

"Great for an only child, able to go off on your own, be quiet, observe and see. Would take binoculars and record sightings, and mother taught how to make plaster casts of the waders footprints in the mud. Never told parents about the dangers of wading too deep! Learnt to be sensible and careful, made us independent."

Sharing the history

The knowledge gathered will be used to create interpretation boards at Bubbenhall and a waymarked trail. In addition, information about the site will be made available on this website. 

Get involved in the project

Are you interested in getting involved by becoming an oral history volunteer? No prior experience is required as all training and support will be provided.

To get involved, please contact Faye Irvine, Wildlife Engagement Officer.

t: 024 7630 2912
e: faye.irvine@wkwt.org.uk