Local Biodiversity Action Partnership

How you can help the Partnership

We need to work together to rebuild our biodiversity alongside developments and land changes. Positive action is needed to conserve Warwickshire, Coventry & Solihull’s wildlife and habitats and reverse losses.

Many of our...

  • farmers, land managers and landowners
  • local people, naturalists and communities
  • environmental and voluntary organisations
  • local authorities
  • educational institutions
  • developers and industries

...already work in partnership. We need to work towards shared achievable objectives, understand each other’s concerns and secure the resources necessary for carrying out such work. But more is needed.

Could you work for wildlife in your parish?

If so, the Parish Biodiversity Action Plan will help you. It was written in 2007 as a booklet of ideas to help people start wildlife projects on their doorsteps as it translates conservation priorities into practical action for nature on the ground. The first of its kind to be produced in the country and now rather out of date, it is still a useful guide to conservation in many local communities.