Tips for planning your event:


When - Choose a date, giving yourself and your helpers enough time to organise everything. Make sure it doesn't clash with any other local events.

Where - Choose and book a venue, making sure it is large enough and has all necessary facilities. If you need to pay for your venue, mention that your event is for charity as you may be able to have a discount or hire the venue free of charge. Make sure you have the owner's permission to fundraise if you are fundraising on private property. If your event involves the sale of alcohol and/or live or recorded music, dancing, showing of a film or performance of a play, an indoor sporting event, or any entertainment of a similar nature, you may need a licence. Liaise with your local authority, the police and other relevant parties as necessary.

Costs - Set a fundraising target for your event - it's a great way to motivate people to donate generously. Work out a budget for all expenditure required for your event and the amount you expect to raise. What equipment do you need? Can you get companies to donate some of the things that you would otherwise need to buy?

Publicity - Make sure you advertise your event well locally such as putting up flyers on noticeboards and listing your event in local community newsletters (many of which don't charge for listing events). Spread the word too via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust can help you with local media such as newspapers, radio and TV as well as with social media. We can also provide a range of supporting materials such as t-shirts, posters etc. Please make it clear that you are fundraising in aid of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust but that you do not actually represent the Trust. All publicity needs to state: 'All proceeds will go to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, registered charity 209200'. Ensure that your event is clearly signposted on the day.

Online donations - We've teamed up with JustGiving so you can donate and raise funds for us online. Using JustGiving saves us costs and reduces our admin burden. JustGiving reclaims Gift Aid automatically and pays donations to us directly at the end of every week. The site is 100% secure. Visit our charity pages at can create your own online fundraising page on JustGiving. It takes just a few minutes and you can collect donations for any sponsored event or appeal. Just go to: Fundraising pages are just like paper sponsorship forms, except they're online, so you don't have to spend time collecting cash and cheques. Just personalise your page with a photo and message and email the web address to all your contacts. Then your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else can make a donation through your page from anywhere in the world.

Helpers - Make sure you have enough people to help set up before your event, help out during your event and clear up at the end.

Contingency plans - When organising an outdoor event such as a garden party, don't forget the British weather! Have a contingency plan in place should the heavens open. There may be a village hall where the event could be held instead. Have you extra help you can call on if someone is ill on the day?

Consider the environment - It sounds obvious but it can be easy to forget. Please recycle where possible, and provide recycling facilities for drinks cans etc where possible. Ask any food suppliers what containers they will be using and whether they can be recycled. Try to avoid the use of plastic bags as these can have an adverse effect on wildlife and the environment.

Transport - How will people travel to your event? Can you encourage people to walk or cycle? Is there sufficient car parking space available near your venue? If not is there a field nearby that can be used with the owner's permission?

Double your money - If you are fundraising at work, ask if your company will match the amount raised by staff.

Gift Aid - If appropriate, ask donors to gift aid their donation and the government will donate 25p for every £1 raised. Gift Aid can only be given by UK taxpayers. A full name, address and postcode will also be required. We can supply Gift Aid forms.