Sensory Garden at Brandon Marsh

A triumph of teamwork and volunteers!












The Sensory Garden at Brandon Marsh was created through over 1500 volunteers hours, funded by local businesses and grants - see the booklet below for more information. Local landscape gardener and Trust member, Lucy Hartley, designed the garden, creating all year round colour and interest, food and shelter for wildlife, and natural stimulation for the senses. The sensory garden has proved to be a hit with visiting school children.

Like all gardens, ours is still growing. We recently installed two water butts at the top end of the garden to collect the rain water from the office building and will use the water to irrigate the garden in the summer. Two more water butts will be installed lower down the garden to collect rain water from the barn roof, allowing us to irrigate the bottom part of the garden in the summer.


Following the installation of the beautiful tiled mosaic created by pupils from Sydney Stringer School on the wall by the covered seating area, more artwork is currently in production with other local schools.


The creation of the Sensory Garden was funded by grants from WREN, The Ratcliff Foundation and FR Ratcliff Charitable Settlement and The Rowlands Trust. In kind and cash donations were received from Barclays, CEMEX, Jane Hill and family, HSBC, Lafarge Readymix, Lucy Hartley Gardens, Sue Michael and family, Rhead Group, Rugby Natural History Society, Spencer Burnham, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Nature Force,  and Valpak Ltd.


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