Engagement officer Faye Irvine next to a small campfire
Wild about Learning!


Learn how to build a fire

An essential forest school skill!

This is a Call of the Wild session for secondary school age children aged 11 upwards and explains how to make a simple fire.

Video: Watch the video first for an overview of how to build a fire safely, as demonstrated by Wildlife Engagement Officer Faye, who provides a step-by-step guide to lighting a small fire. Then check out the detailed instructions below and have a go!

This video was produced as part of the 'Princethorpe Woodlands Living Landscape – Linking our woodlands' project and was funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery players.

What you’ll need

  • A fire pit / fire circle
  • Kindling and small sticks for your fire
  • Fire strikers, cotton wool and Vaseline/petroleum jelly
  • Fire gloves
  • Water for putting out the fire

There are many places to buy any kit you might need but to provide an idea of what you are looking for, check out these links for fire strikers and fire gloves


Find a safe, flat place to use your fire pit or use a designated fire circle.

Ensure you have gathered all the items you will need for your fire, so that you do not have to leave it unattended to gather more fire wood after it has been lit. Use your fire strikers, wool and Vaseline along with your kindling and sticks to light a small fire. You will need bigger sticks to keep the fire going. 

Wear fire gloves to add fuel to your fire and always put your fire out completely at the end.

Supervision of children and young people is essential for this activity. Remember, you must always have water to put out the fire, you must never light one in a public place where fires are not allowed, and always keep your distance from other people. Fire lighting is so much fun but you need to stay safe.

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