Wildlife sightings

Water vole Margaret Holland

Margaret Holland

Tell us what you've seen!

Wildlife Sightings

Send us your wildlife sightings! We especially want to hear of your sightings on our nature reserves. 

If your sighting is at Brandon Marsh please tweet us a picture using the hashtag #BrandonMarshSightings. You can check the latest sightings at Brandon Marsh on this webpage

If you have found a sick or injured animal, please contact Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary who will be able to help. Details can be found here.

Please note that by entering your details here we will be storing your data as per our privacy policy. You can request to have your data deleted at any time by calling us on 024 7630 2912 or emailing enquiries@wkwt.org.uk.

We share our data received through this form with the Warwickshire Biological Records Centre (WBRC). For details on how they use this data and who they share it with please visit their website. By completing this sighting form you are agreeing to allow us to share it with WBRC. 

If you have a wildlife sighting not on one of our nature reserves you can submit it directly to WBRC

Your wildlife photos!

Have you taken some beautiful photos on one of our reserves? You can share them on our Flickr group here

Have you taken photos close to home or in your garden? You can share these with us and we are currently creating a gallery of them every fortnight. Have a look at the latest images.

Please give details of the wildlife you have seen. 
Please choose which of our nature reserves your sighting was on. If the nature reserve is not in the list please specify where it was below. 
If your sighting was on another of our nature reserves please say which one. 
Please provide a description and any other useful or interesting observations of your sighting here.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png svg.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png svg.
Kingfisher Credit Andrew Haynes

Credit Andrew Haynes


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Credit Andy Bridgestock