Wild Walks

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Wild Walks

Discover new places and embrace nature

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world and experience the joy of wildlife every day. View our curated list of walking routes in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull below.

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Limited mobility shouldn’t mean missing out on nature. We are working hard to make our reserves more accessible for everyone.

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Oakley Wood

Oakley Wood

A mixture of surfaced and non-surfaced paths and way-marked trails criss-cross the entire site, providing many routes by which to become immersed in the tranquillity of the trees, all through the year. Whether you choose a short stroll in the woodland or prefer to take the full loop around the woodland edge, the comforting embrace of the wildlife-rich greenery is sure to provide some much needed relaxation for those overloaded senses…

  • Short loop of the wood (20 minutes, surfaced)
  • Figure of eight trail (45 - 60 minutes, surfaced)
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leam valley nature reserve
Leamington Spa

Leam Valley

A collection of paths within the reserve provide good access to the wetland viewing screens, woodland glades and grassland areas. The paths have a mixture of surfaces, covering both flat and steep areas, with kissing gates in a few locations across the reserve.

Fringed with marsh-marigold, yellow iris and purple-loosestrife flower alongside rushes, sweet-grass and common reed, the River Leam ripples with roach, perch and common bream while colourful dragonflies and damselflies flit along its banks.

  • Loop of the reserve, starting in Leamington Spa (20 - 30 minutes)
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Rough Hill Wood

Rough Hill Wood by Simon Watts


Rough Hill Wood

Beneath the ancient trees grows hazel and midland hawthorn with holly and wild privet. Bluebell, wood anemone and primrose celebrate spring's arrival and provide a blanket of vibrant colour to the dappled woodland floor.

As well as cuckoo and chiffchaff, you may see – and are quite likely to hear – the industrious great spotted woodpecker making itself known to other woodland creatures.

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Brandon Marsh from the air

Brandon Marsh by Simon Watts


Brandon Marsh

Nestled in the countryside just outside Coventry, this wild blend of pools, reedbeds, woodland and meadows is the perfect place to spot wildlife including kingfishers, otters and dragonflies.

In addition to the natural footpaths, there are two way-marked trails suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs – mobility scooters are available for hire at the visitor centre if booked in advance – so everyone can experience the wildlife first-hand.

  • Woodpecker Trail (20 mins, surfaced)
  • Kingfisher Trail (40 mins, surfaced)
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Parkridge reserve

Parkridge reserve by Louise Barrack



At the heart of Brueton Park, Parkridge Visitor Centre sits within an historic arboretum that has been carefully restored for wildlife.

Take a walk around the trails, suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs, and discover the lake at the centre of the reserve. Amongst the lily pads you'll find ducks, moorhens and coots to feed and you may even spot the resident herons catching fish from beneath the cascading willow tree, or a kingfisher swooping over the water.

  • Walk around the 5.5 acre nature reserve (30 minutes)
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Welcombe Hills obelisk

Welcombe Hills obelisk by Kate Sugden

Stratford upon Avon

Welcombe Hills & Clopton Park

A series of informal paths criss-cross the grassland, some are steep in places but well worth the climb for the wonderful views from the highest points, which include the impressive obelisk.

Green woodpeckers, little owls, ravens, treecreeper, finches and sparrowhawks frequent the site and large flocks of birds feed on berries and seeds in the woodlands and grasslands over winter.

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Swift Valley

Swift Valley by Louise Barrack


Swift Valley

Bordered by the River Swift, the reserve supports a diverse range of wildlife with its varied habitats hosting everything from dragonflies, damselflies and beetles to wood mice, rabbits and red fox.

Enjoy a selection of relatively flat trails and pathways; there's a surfaced section that runs parallel to part of the old canal – an excellent place to spot water-birds such as mallard, moorhen, coot, or even the majestic mute swan.

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