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Wild work days

*** All upcoming Wild Work Days have now been postponed due to the ongoing situation with COVID 19 restrictions. We may resume Wild Work Days in 2022, so please check this page for updates. ***


Book a Wild Work Day - A team day that makes a difference to your local community!

The most important part of any business is its people. Develop communication skills, boost employee well-being and improve team working in a cost effective and efficient way.

Wild Work Days provide a team building day which makes a difference not only to your team, but the community in which they live and work. A chance to achieve your desired outcomes whilst simultaneously benefiting local wildlife, creating positive PR and strengthening your brand. We manage an estate covering 1,000 ha in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull and no one living or working in that area is more than 6 miles from one of over 65 nature reserves. 

A Wild Work Day with us can be an ongoing partnership with the Trust, or as a one-off event, but the benefits are most definitely mutual.  We offer a variety of opportunities across the county, please see our Wild Work Day information for more details on the mutual benefits, what to expect and the types of work we do.


Please read our Wild Work Day FAQs for the answers to questions you may have. 

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Wild Work Days run from 10am - 3.30pm. A typical day would look like:

10:00                     Welcome

10:10                     Health and safety, tool talk and PPE

10:30                     Practical task

11:15                      Mid-morning break

11:45                     Practical task

13:00                     Lunch

13:30                     Practical task

15:00                     Pack away

15:30                     Depart


£699 +VAT (covers an experienced team leader, PPE, tools, materials and refreshments.)

Subject to availability, we can accommodate larger groups at an additional cost £595 +VAT

Types of tasks

Scrub management - Since scrub is a transitory habitat, it needs management to maintain it otherwise it will develop into woodland or can become invasive and reduce the biodiversity of a site.  Work on scrub is best carried out in the autumn/winter months, avoiding bird nesting season (March – July). Scrub management typically involves the use of simple hand tools including loppers, bow saws and secateurs.  Thick leather gloves and safety specs are required to be worn during this task (PPE is provided).  The ratio of team to leader is 15:1.

Invasive species removal - The spread of invasive non-native plants such as Himalayan Balsam or Japanese Knotweed threatens the future survival of our native plants and animals and ranks only second to habitat destruction as the biggest threat to biodiversity.  ‘Balsam bashing’ is a fun and easy activity to take part in.  Invasives are typically removed by hand or using hand tools such as loppers.  Vinyl gloves and safety specs are required to be worn during this task (PPE provided). The ratio of team to leader is 15:1.

Wetland improvements – Wetlands cover over 1000 hectares in Warwickshire hosting a variety of important habitats and a rich diversity of species.  Wetland improvements could involve anything from clearing invasive species, plug planting or installing natural woody features. These improvements typically involve working in or near water so the ratio of team to leader is reduced to 12:1.  Tasks are typically carried out by hand or using hand tools such as loppers, spades, forks and secateurs. Vinyl gloves and safety specs are required to be worn during this task to provide protection from water-bourne disease (PPE provided).

Community projects – Subject to availability, we sometimes have opportunities to work alongside community projects such as The Environment and Me Team or our Dunsmore Living Landscape scheme. Tasks may involve some of the above, however in some cases we partner with project volunteers which adds another element to the day.

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Read our Wild Work Day FAQs for more information. 

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the organisations who've come on a Wild Work Day this year!

To book or find out more about our current opportunities, contact us on:
e: enquiries@wkwt.org.uk
t: 024 7630 2912

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For bookings over 15 people please see the contact details below.
PPE is provided in a used, good condition in an effort to reduce waste included in the cost.  If you would like us to purchase new PPE for your staff at an additional cost of £50 +VAT tick this box
If no purchase order is needed, please include a reference number on any payment made, in the format: C then date of Wild Work Day