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Buff tail Bumblebee, David Andrews

Thanks, as always, to our Nature News readers for sending in their lovely wildlife photos.

Enjoy the latest gallery of images sent in by our Nature News readers. Scroll through their photos below and send in your own photos! 

Please note the "i" link to the left of each picture actually shows the previous photograph's credit! To see the actual photographer's name simply hold your mouse pointer over the image or check the photo caption. 

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Photo Gallery


Enjoy two very different otter clips this week! Firstly from Simon Turnecliff, one of our supporters from Coventry, of an otter just off the Binley Road in the middle of Coventry!

Then a family of otters filmed on the River Avon by Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen, after they spotted otter spraints (droppings) on the large stone in the clip. Otters leave spraints in prominent places, such as fallen trees, weirs and bridges, as 'scented messages'. They contain visible fish bones and have a distinctive smell. Some say it is reminiscent of jasmine tea!

Otters were once on the brink of extinction in Warwickshire, but thanks to improvements in water quality in our rivers and habitat restoration they’re making a come-back, as these fantastic clips show!

Simon Turnecliff

Credit Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen