Wildlife watching tips

Watching wildlife in your garden can be a great activity either on your own, with a friend or the family. But wildlife can be quite frustrating and doesn't always stay long enough to be seen or perhaps it all gets scared away when you go out to look.
Su Hartland Smith hiding

As the first episode in this series we'll look at what you can do to get a look at some of the animals in the garden that might be able to fly or move pretty fast.
1. Hide. We can't all build a bird hide in the garden but see if you can find a spot to sit in where you're a bit hidden from the wildlife and won't disturb it
2. Keep still. If you can't find a hiding place then try sitting in the same spot every day and staying as still as you can. A lot of creatures will get used to you.
3. Creep up. Take a photo. Take a step. Take a photo. Take a step. This way you might get a snap of what you're looking at before it disappears.
4. Feed the birds. Its not always the easiest to hide, keep still or creep up on wildlife. But you can try your best to get them to come to you. Lots of garden birds get used to human presence of there is some food available. Why don't you try out our bird feeder activity to tempt them to visit your garden. 

The next episode will look at some of the other wildlife in the garden that you might be able to find.  

Creep up collage