Tasker’s Meadow by Ruth Deborah Patton née Tasker

Credit Vicky Page / Offshoots Photography

Thanks to Ruth for this lovely poem celebrating Tasker's Meadow and in memory of her cousin, Andy Tasker, our former CEO.

Just beyond a five-bar gate
Some of nature’s gems await,
Uninformed eyes could be forgiven
For not immediately seeing what’s hidden.

But within these thirteen acres of land,
Where majestic trees proudly stand,
There are wild flowers both common and rare
More assured of survival now with care.

For the meadow’s secured for conservation
So species can be saved for the nation,
Named after my cousin, the meadow can thrive
Thanks to his dedication, passion and drive.

There’s wet grassland and a dry reed bed
In May flowers flourish wherever you tread,
Rabbits, grass snakes and badger call it home
And in the autumn cattle can roam.

Rare species of orchids with exotic names,
Butterflies with wings the colours of flames,
Dandelions, daisies and the delicate dog rose
Mingle with teasel and thistle by hedgerows.

Swaying grasses up to one’s knees
Gently brush legs in a mild breeze,
And unseen from one’s instant gaze
Many minibeasts in comfort ‘graze’.

A walk in the meadow on a fine day
Brings one’s senses into play
Listen for the flapping of an insect’s wing,
A symphony above as birds begin to sing.

Even the atmosphere smells fresher I’m sure
In the unpolluted air that’s clean and pure,
You can almost taste wild fruits to come,
Jewel-like berries for the birds in autumn.

My cousin would have been so proud
If he’d lived longer and been allowed
To see this meadow bearing his name
Protecting wildlife was always his aim.

© Ruth Deborah Patton née Tasker