Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of our most-asked questions about the appeal. To learn more, visit

Why is this appeal needed now?

We have set this target to support local action on the three biggest threats that our planet has ever faced; the ecological crisis, the climate crisis and the human health crisis, particularly the desperate disconnection of people with nature.

In January 2021, the One Planet Summit saw 50 countries pledge to protect 30% of land and sea for nature in a bid to tackle the unravelling of our delicate ecosystems, halt the mass decline in wildlife and combat climate change.

The UK is part of the coalition but was ahead of the curve, with the Government committing in September 2020 to restoring 30% of the UK to nature by 2030.

The Wildlife Trust’s CEO Craig Bennett, whilst welcoming that Government 
commitment, warned that:
“we now need to see a much greater level of urgent action on the ground to deliver on the ambition set out by the Prime Minister, and to put nature into recovery.”

And so, on the ground, the Wildlife Trusts are preparing for action.

How can I donate to the appeal?

There are multiple ways to give to our appeal:

How much should I give?

The average price of land in Warwickshire is approximately £10,000 per acre and we need to buy at a large enough scale to create new, connected habitats for our wildlife. 

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and large or small, your gift will help to bring wildlife back. 

  • A gift of £50 could help us to buy 20 square metres of land for wildlife.
  • A gift of £125 could help us to buy 50 square metres of land for wildlife.

You could also choose to give monthly to support our ongoing work, or to leave us a gift in your will.

What will my donation be spent on?

Your donation will go directly into our Nature Recovery Fund, to be used to buy and enhance land in Warwickshire, Coventry, and Solihull. 

What will happen to my donation if you exceed your target?

Any excess funds will be used to support and enhance other Warwickshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves.