The end of a hedgehog era

Credit Paula Irish

December 2019 saw our Help for Hedgehogs Campaign and Hedgehog Improvement Areas project come to a close after 7 years.

Throughout this time, over 26,000 people were engaged in hedgehog conservation, with over 12,500 school children learning how to help them. The Warwickshire Hedgehog Helpers group of 35 volunteers was set up and trained in all things hedgehog, giving over 1800 hours of their time to help the prickly cause.

Nationally, hedgehogs are still in trouble, with declines of up to 30% in urban areas and 50% in rural areas since the Millennium. Community work such as this may be making a difference though, with urban numbers on the rise. Through raising wide-scale awareness and creating legacy amongst communities, Warwickshire’s hedgehogs have been given a chance. The volunteers will now continue hedgehog conservation into the future as members of the Warwickshire Mammal Group, monitoring two key sites each May and September to see how our hedgehogs are faring.

Our former Senior Hedgehog Officer, Deborah Wright, will now be taking over our new Wilder Future for Warwickshire project.

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