Latest woodland management news

Latest woodland management news

Woodland Craft Volunteers have been harvesting wood from Bubbenhall, Wappenbury and Ryton Woods to be used as hedging stakes and binders, charcoal and bean poles.

The funding for this equipment is through the National Lottery Heritage Fund and it finishes this year, however its legacy will continue thanks to these new craft initiatives. We are keen for new people to get involved with this, no experience is required, and volunteers can get involved with a wide range of tasks from crafting things in a workshop to going on site and selecting wood.

Large scale woodland management

Management in Oakley Woods has been delayed due to the wet autumn and winter weather. This meant we couldn’t bring a harvester machine on site without damaging the ground. This work is now likely to start in September 2020. 

Snitterfield Bushes woodland management is progressing well with most of the areas requiring thinning complete. This allows space for new trees to grow which will provide a diverse woodland needed for wildlife to thrive, The wet weather has now prevented some of the work going ahead, so this will be delayed until later in 2020. Any ruts in the woodland track will be repaired and we hope it won't cause any inconvenience to visitors to the wood.  

Roadside Ash trees will now be removed where necessary and the logs will be removed from site to offset management costs. The rest of the wood will remain as deadwood habitat for insects/invertebrates and to provide future soil.  Volunteers have been focussing on coppicing hazel to provide structure and habitat for specialist species that require it.  If people would like to get involved in woodland management there are plenty of practical opportunities across the county. Please get in touch with us at