A Norman day out with Dunsmore Living Landscape

Dunsmore Living Landscape - A Norman day out. Dan Loveard

Have you ever wondered how our predecessors interacted with their surroundings?

Last week, the people of Brinklow and the surrounding villages immersed themselves in some history by participating in our Norman Fun Day at Brinklow Castle. Due to its commanding position over the medieval Fosse Way, the castle was hugely important as the site of William the Conqueror’s campaigns.

With help from local re-enactment group Guarderobe, families dressed up in costume, made some sturdy shields and did battle like the Normans! Children were encouraged to colour in some wildlife masks, whilst families took part in a quiz to identify which Norman character they were most like. Spotter guides and bingo sheets helped both young and old to hunt for natural objects the Normans would have used on a daily basis.

Everyone who attended found the site fascinating, although several didn't even know it existed before they visited! The event was a key opportunity for locals to explore a heritage site within the Dunsmore Living Landscape, and gave them the chance to discover this stunning double motte-and-bailey earthwork.

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