Saving wildlife and wild places

What we do

Saving wildlife and wild places

Credit Tom Marshall

Working together, we can change the natural world for the better; everyone has a part to play.

Today the pressures on nature are wide and complex so we save wildlife and wild places in different ways. 

We look after over 65 nature reserves – by protecting and managing special habitats and rare and uncommon wildlife and defending them against damage.

We create Living Landscapes - by working with partners to restore habitats over larger areas of land like river corridors or joining up woodlands.

We help other to manage land for wildlife – by providing advice and support to farmers, business, local councils and schools. We manage land for local councils, working in partnership with them to ensure local people can access wild places

Responding to planning applications - we work hard to influence planning decisions and the policies which guide them, to ensure that all planning proposals make a positive contribution towards the protection and enhancement of wildlife and biodiversity.

We save species at risk – by running targeted conservation programmes and re-introductions to help save water voles, hazel dormice, hedgehogs and other wildlife.

We carry out research - by undertaking surveys to gather information on wildlife and habitats and the impact of our conservation management.