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Wildlife T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies on our clothing website

Choose fantastic designs from funky spider webs to cute, sleepy dormice and soaring birds of prey. 

All the products are made from 100% Organic Cotton produced in a wind-powered factory
with award-winning traceability!

Proceeds from each sale go towards our amazing work: from £1.80 for a coloured children's t-shirt up to
£5 when you buy a hoodie .

Browse the beautiful selection of tops on our Teemills store.


Collectable Pin Badges
Choose from a badger, hedgehog, owl or peregrine.
Each badge measures no more than 25mm in height or width.
Every donation supports our various wildlife campaigns.

Please note: we currently have limited stock of bee, ladybird and frog badges.

Badger pin badge.
1. Badger
Help for Hedgehogs Campaign pin badge.
2. Help for Hedgehogs
Owl pin badge.
3. Owl
Peregrine pin badge.
4. Peregrine

Bumble Bee pin badge.
5. Bumble Bee
(Limited stock)

Frog pin badge.
6. Frog
(Limited stock)
Hedgehog pin badge.
7. Hedgehog
Ladybird pin badge.
8. Ladybird
(Limited stock)
Peacock butterfly pin badge.
9. Peacock Butterfly
Robin pin badge.
10. Robin
Green Woodpecker Pin Badge
11. Green Woodpecker
Bat Pin Badge
12. Bat
  Blue-tit Pin Badge
13. Blue-tit


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