Woodland Maths

Education manager Vicky ready for woodland maths session

credit Paula Irish WKWT

Wild about Learning!

Forest Maths

Become a woodland mathematician

Counting, collecting and symmetry for tots!

Join our education manager Vicky in Cock Robin Wood near Rugby as she explains in the video a couple of simple counting and collecting games for tots, and creates a woodland floor firework from leaves using a traditional mandala pattern. 

Download our Really Wild Maths activity sheets below for your own treasure hunt or leaf bingo game, and take a look at the extension activities if you have a little longer and would like to introduce some simple sums. There is also an activity sheet to help you create your own mandala nature collage.

Top tips: Set safe boundaries for your little explorer/s and remind children to look out for nettles and spiky plants.

Extension activities

When the children have completed their Really Wild Maths challenges, additional activities might include:

  • Asking them to organise all of their finds on the floor in size order from shortest to longest.
  • Simple sums: for example, what is the number of sticks plus the number of green leaves? Or crunchy leaves plus brown leaves?
  • Try asking your pre-schooler to make the shape of each number on the floor using their sticks and leaves and whatever else they can find.
  • See how many simple shapes can be made on the floor using what they have found, starting with a triangle, square and circle.           


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