Hedgehog in autumn leaves Credit Tom Marshall

Credit Tom Marshall

Saving wildlife and wild places


Hedgehogs are charismatic and well-loved creatures, voted Britain's favourite animal and well-known from children's stories such as Mrs Tiggly Winkle.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has run projects since 2013 to raise awareness about hedgehog decline and inspire people to take action. Explore our hedgehog pages to find out more about hedgehogs, our past projects and ways you can continue to help your local hedgehogs.

Please note that we no longer take records of hedgehog sightings but we encourage you to submit your records of hedgehogs (dead or alive) to Warwickshire Biological Records Centre and the national BIG Hedgehog Map.

Please note that we are not a rescue centre and do not take in hedgehogs. If you are concerned about a potentially poorly hedgehog, please contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for advice.